Boffi News April 2012

There are lots of news about Boffi on our website and about general things as well: Recently Boffi published a collection of drawing concepts of all innovations from 2012. These will be available in Germany and of course here in October.

Besides first photos of the increased options for customization of classics such as the kitchens Aprile and Xila, complete novelties such as the CT wall system are presented.

The implied wall system by Victor Vasilev already caused sensation during the design week in Milan and will most likely continue so in the upcoming years. To know such furniture as one of the first (or perhaps have it at as a trend setter at your house at the end of 2012) therefore must mean something.

But we have got more. We created two new subpages yesterday: One introduces different examples of kitchens by Boffi from all over the world and on the other page we collected current information material about Boffi. These are PDF files, so you can find various photographs and concrete product descriptions. There are no prices included. However we are looking forward to send you customized offers for everything you might be interested in.

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Kitchens and bathrooms by Boffi belong to the absolute high class among contemporary interior design.

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The company stands for interpreting the centuries-old tradition of carpet weaving with the help of modernity.

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Gandia Blasco

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Lolli e Memmoli

The company, which is run by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli produces designer lamps since 1993 which have similarities with chandeliers, but also show signficant differences.

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