“Of course we can.” – Esvitale and Lolli e Memmoli in UK


Last week we payed a visit to the nice little city of Bath near Bristol, England, in order to install two chandeliers by Lolli e Memmoli. You see, besides the sale we also offer such services outside of Germany.

Although we already highlight this at several points on our website, it does not seem to have been getting through yet really: Esvitale is a full service agancy, where you can get your interiour from the planning all the way through to the organization from one single source. The question of installing chandeliers in England was not explainable otherwise. Of course we can.

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Precisely we embellished a kitchen with the lamp V-Rec and a staircase with the lamp Caifa Circular, whereby the last one should especially impress future guests of the house in Bath.

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Besides selling we furthermore offer you all other necessary services from one source.